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Diamond Strength Bonder

Diamond Strength Bonder

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Are you ready to level up your retention game up to 30%?? Then get ready to notice a huge difference in your clients lashes with my all new Diamond Bonder!!! Works great with any adhesive, but works especially great when paired with my “Hustle Girl Adhesive!” Lasts up to two months once opened, lasts up to 6 months without opening it. How to use: after completing your clients full set or fill, fan for 2 minute each eye, and then apply with a lip wand, 2 drops of diamond bonder, dry again for another 2 minutes each eye. You want to saturate the swab, but not to the point where it’s too runny getting into your clients eyes. Give your clients the retention they deserve!!! All of my products are made in extremely small batches, so you can ensure you are getting the freshest of the fresh products that 100% work! 


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