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One and Done Cream Lash Remover

Our cream remover is effective, and great for sensitive clients. It has a thick consistency and will not drip into your clients eyes. Made with all vegan ingredients, gently breaks down that glue while protecting clients natural lashes!


1.Coat with a visible amount of cream remover right where the glue is on the clients base of their lashes.

2. Apply a clear wrap over the remover and let it sit for 7 minutes, reapply a little more product every 2 minutes

3. Remove clear wrap and take off extensions with clean lip wands, or tweezers.

4. If there is still lashes attached, you need to apply a small amount more of remover, let it sit for 3 minutes, and done! 
5. Clean lashes with lash bath, prime with our pretty and primed lash primer, and now you’re ready to slay that full set or fill!